Rebar Detailing

Rebar Estimating

Rebar estimating is a skill which asks for experience and expertise in the rebar industry.  One among the many steps in pricing concrete is to estimate how much rebar is actually needed for the project.  With our talented workforce, we can give you value-driven engineering options.  A professional team that is well balanced to give you reasonable and price gauges on schedule.  Here at EnveeTech, we provide our clients with fast but not rushed and precise quotes which includes cost of materials, accessories and erection costs.

  • Estimation Takeoff

Rebar Modeling


EnveeTech has distinctive rebar placement capabilities that enable you to put reinforcement bars at most sophisticated volume without any hassle.  These rebar which are modeled in 3D comes with reinforcement drawing which can be produced at ease, in fact most of the time automatically.  Reinforcement modeling at EnveeTech is done in accordance with general purpose modeling.  This doesn’t imply it’s slow or hard to use.  We make sure that you receive the models fast with close to zero errors.

Rebar Detailing

At EnveeTech, we draft detailing placing drawing which is way ahead from our competition. Making use of latest CAD technology, and over 200+ years of combined experience to create the rebar layout, we are well appreciated by our clients. In fact fabricators and contractors use our drawings to visualize where the rebar needs to be erected. These simplify the task and drastically reduce the installation cost for the fabricators and contractors.