Steel Detailing

Steel Estimating

Steel estimation is a skill set which requires several years of experience in steel detailing & modeling industry. We provide estimation for steel structures, aluminum structures, roof and wall claddings. Estimation includes materials required, hours, stock etc and instant quotation of the structure is provided to the client. Quick turnaround time, exceptional accuracy in our steel estimating service makes up stay away ahead from our competitors.

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Steel Modeling


Our collaborative approach to steel modeling guides your projects and iconic facilities where sophisticated connections enlighten the architectural aesthetic. Our modelers work along with architects and coordinates with the designing team to increase accuracy level. We provide our detailing models generally in 3 phases which includes 3D models of steel members, 3D models of steel connections and 3D models of fully detailed steel.

  • Framing
  • Connections


Steel Detailing

EnveeTech prides in our steel detailing skills with years of experience under our belt. Our teams of professional detailers are trained to provide accurate detailing of the structures on schedule. Our concerns includes not only to meet your expectations but to exceed it. No wonder we have a strong base of fabricators and contractors who have been working with us for last couple of years. The quality of service which we put forward is directly related to industry standards.

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