Architectural Designing Modelling Detailing

LOD 100

LOD 100

Conceptual Design

  • LOD 100 represents the initial stage of a BIM model.
  • It includes basic massing and volume information.
  • Typically used during the conceptual design phase to provide a rough idea of the building's shape and size.

LOD 200

LOD 200

Schematic Design

  • LOD 200 builds upon LOD 100 by adding more detail to the BIM model.
  • It includes approximate quantities, sizes, shapes, and locations of major building components.
  • Used during the schematic design phase to refine the project's design.

LOD 300

LOD 300

Detailed Design

  • LOD 300 is a highly detailed model used during the design development phase.
  • It includes precise geometry and information about individual building components.
  • Used for coordination and analysis, making it valuable for contractors and engineers.

LOD 350

LOD 350

Construction Documentation

  • LOD 350 adds more information to LOD 300, primarily focusing on construction documentation.
  • It includes specific assembly details, materials, and quantities.
  • Used to generate accurate construction documents for contractors.

LOD 400

LOD 400

Fabrication & Assembly

  • LOD 400 is crucial for fabrication and assembly of building components.
  • It provides detailed information about each element, including fabrication, assembly, and installation instructions.
  • Essential for off-site prefabrication and accurate construction.

LOD 500

LOD 500


  • LOD 500 represents the most comprehensive and accurate BIM model.
  • It reflects the actual, as-built condition of the building.
  • Used for facility management and maintenance, providing data for ongoing operations.

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